Gate to Eternity

Kruthiks, Goblins and Balgron, Oh my!

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The party, low on health and struggling to stay concious long enough to find a place to rest inside the harrowing dungeons of the Keep on the Shadowfell, stumble into a natural cave system inhabited by some not-so-friendly reptiles.

After Ravasys cast light to illuminate the otherwise pitch-black cavern, the party proceeded slowly deeper into the depths. They notice dozens of smaller tubes and holes branching off from the main path, but none are big enough for even Splug to fit through. They discover a death animal at the bottom of a pit-trap and Watcher recognizes it as a kruthik, a vicious reptile covered in scales and spines.

The party hears skittering deeper in the cave and through the smaller holes, and Watcher takes point, being the party’s only melee hero… He promptly falls into a pit trap and takes damage.

Ravasys casts light again to illuminate the room to help retrieve the Warforged from the pit but the illumination reveals a nest of Kruthik! Including a Hive Lord! They attack the party immediately with poison spines and furious hacking with their razor-sharp bodies.

Watcher spends the entirety of the fight in the hole, but does manage to give his party concealment from the Hive Lord’s poisonous spines. Unfortunately a kruthik goes into a fury and leaps upon him, tackling him into the pit and biting at him viciously. Splug, bolstered by Captain Fredrick’s encouragement attempts to distract the kruthik and flee, but falls unconcious and slowly begins to bleed out.

Ravasys unleashes wizard-hell upon the reptiles twice and sends them howling and spitting into their graves. Lihi quickly heals Splug, inches from death, gaining his undying loyalty despite her previous misgivings about him, and maybe her heart has warmed that little bit towards the goblin as well.

The party drops unceremoniously onto the kruthik’s pile of gold and falls asleep, leaving Watcher to keep an eye out for them (hence the name, touche.)

Upon rising a few hours later they leave the cave system and, thanks to a map recovered from a mercenary’s corpse by Captain Fredrick, discover a secret passageway that leads them directly to the goblin general’s personal quarters! They sneak into his rooms and Lihi and Ravasys cry havok and let slip unholy amounts of damage on the sleeping goblin, killing him before he has a chance to stir. Watcher and Captain Fredrick dispatch the lone warrior in the room as well, and the party takes a breath of relief at the fact that no other goblins were warned.



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