Gate to Eternity

Damned Spiders...

When we last left our interpid adventurers…

Descending into the second level of the Keep on the Shadowfell, the party was met with a challenge by a group of hobgoblins. “Shadow meets shadow!” one called out, obviously demanding a passphrase of some form. “My shadow meets your shadow under the shadow’s shadow of Shadow!” Watcher called back rapidly (and stupidly.) “Intruders! Get them!” The hobgoblins respond and begin to attack the party.

Watcher bull rushes on of them, but the large brute holds his ground while his grunts make a break for another room… A room with a cage in it. A very large cage, with a very large spider inside. Fredrick blasts another hobgoblin into a deep well, causing the hobgoblin to plummet the three stories and take massive amounts of damage. More hobgoblins stream into the room and the grunt who made for the room manages to free the deathjump spider. It promptly scuttles across the room and tackles Watcher to the ground, inflicting poison damage on the poor Warforged. Luckily, the party is well experienced in battle and quickly obliterates the hobgoblins with the spider only causing minor difficulty. Upon searching the area they find a tiny amount of gold and realize that they have all gained enough XP to level up!



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