Gate to Eternity


When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The final blow is struck against Kalarel, Deathpriest of Chemosh. As the unholy priest coughs his dying breath he curses the party, swearing oaths across the line of death to gain revenge on the party. The blackness int he portal lashes forward and sucks the dying priest into it’s depths, rippling and pulsating with an unholy energy.

The party acts quickly and attempts to close the portal to the Shadowfell, throwing holy and wild magics alike at the trembling threshold. It collapses violently, leaving behind just an empty doorway to nothingness. The emptiness surges suddenly and a froce of gravity stronger than anything sucks the party into the vast eternity.

Sucked beyond time and space and recognition their minds are expanded while their bodies are crushed. Their conciousnesses span the great void between and beyond planes of existence, they expand to fill the tiniest atoms to the vastest galaxies. As suddenly as they embrace the concept of Infinity, their minds collapse and they are flung back into the world, their entire memories draining the knowledge like leaking sieves until only one thought remains in their mind: Infinity.

Stumbling and unable to think straight after their trip across time and space, the party barely manages to make it out of the Keep on the Shadowfell before it collapses. They return to Winterhaven to much fanfare, and a suspicious look of disgust on Ninaren’s face.

She attacks them later that evening and all looks lost until two men intervene and drive her away.The two, Paladin named Zacharius and a Rogue Eladrin named Celidras. The two men explain to them that they were sent by the Gods of good to seek out a group of adventurers who, just that day, touched the face of eternity and felt godhood. Zacharius gives them each a shard of Infinitum, pieces of the High God and Order, the exact opposite of the Graygem, the essence of Chaos.
He guides the party in channelling The Flux and jumping to the plane of Krynn where he arranges rooms for them at the Inn of the Last Home. He promises a busy day tomorrow and begs them to get plenty of sleep.

The Rift

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

They scaled down the bloody chains, (or in the case of Lihi, fell) and confronted Kalarel himself!

The battle turned vicious as Kalarel made jibes and threw magicks at the party from afar, and an undead wight became a particularly nasty problem until it was vanquished. Watcher managed to charge Kalarel’s altar but the deathpriest teleported away in time to avoid damage. The Keep’s rumblings grow stronger and stronger and eventually unholy energies coalesce in the Keep and lash out, dealing damage to the party and increasinge the tremors! All movement is reduced to half and Kalarel makes the fight interesting by summoning a horde of zombies to mob the adventurers!

Splug is drawn towards the portal itself and the black entity on the other side reaches out and slams him into the ground, Watcher attempts to reach Kalarel but is also hit by the trap. All looks lost for the party, until a spear flies from the darkness and takes a zombie out… Then another spear, and another! Kobolds slide down the chains and into the pit, screaming draconic war cries at the deathpriest and striking out at his zombies. Captain Fredrick asks why they came to help and gets a response along the lines of “you help our wives, we help you.”

Kalarel stumbles to his knees as the party takes blow after blow against him. Watcher plunges his longsword into Kalarel’s chest and…

Lihi and Watcher both have to leave for dinner… So the entire party hesitates at a crucial moment, and they are sucked into the pit and die. The end… lol j/k maybe not.

Into the Shadow

When we last left our interpid adventurers…

They were immediately mobbed by a horde of shambling undead, including a very vicious ghoul. Luckily, Lihi’s radiant damage comes in handy once again and the party only suffers minor hurts in the encounter, though a clay demon manages to escape deeper into the Keep. They scramble through a small hidden tunnel to discover some fairly decent loot and decide to take an extended rest.

Watcher, luckily a Warforged doesn’t need sleep and is aware of steps, shuffling and sounds coming from the tunnel. He wakes the party just as they are ambushed by the clay demon and a reinforcement host of zombies sent by Kalarel! They play it cool, however and let the zombies’ mindless hunger drive them to crawl through the hole one by one, where they can easily be beheaded in a managable way. Amid the stench of rotting bodies the party finally finds sleep and takes their extended rest.

Descending into the Cathedral of Shadow, Fredrick finds trouble after kicking open a door and rushing an evil chanting Underpriest when he finds that none of his teammates have followed to back him up. Splug is immediately attacked by human beserkers and Lihi is mobbed by a mass of vampires, only barely managing to survive and escape as Watcher steps up and shatters their wan bodies into dust. Ravasys and Fredrick make quick work of the Underpriest as the Dark Creeper continues to give Watcher and Splug trouble, but after Fredrick falls unconcious the party rallies and pulls together, handily decimating the remaining foes.

What is THAT

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The party had stumbled into blocked off corridors and ignored caution signs to run headlong into a confrontation with THE GELATINOUS CUBE! After dispensing of two very smelly corruption corpses, the adventurers turn their main focus on the large, translucent cube, which, unfortunately for them, if both very strong and very hungry. After engulfing over half the party and slowly digesting them, Lihi unleashes some super-deva-cleric-sayan from INSIDE the jell-o of the cube’s body and blasts it’s mass into gooey jelly all over the walls.

Proceeding to the next room of the Keep the party finds nothing suspicious, until they’re all knocked onto their butts by a swing of a massive statue. Captain Fredrick makes a daring leap and scales the statue and begins beating on it with his staff while Splug locates an access panel and the rest of the party attempt to disable the deadly device. They succeed and Watcher and Ravasys stumble into another trap, this one a strong whirlpool which hurls them about and knocks them around. Watcher attempts to disable the traps but, despite interference in the form of large fireballs from other traps, Splug, Lihi and Fredrick manage to destroy two of the statues from outside and the trap collapses. Despite Captain Fredrick’s wishes to obliterate the rest of the statues in the room, the party gets a quick heal from the cleric and speeds out of the room as fast as their little legs can take them.

Unfortunately, as soon as they step through the next door, wretched, unholy moans emit from the darkness… shuffling closer…

More Hobgoblins, Great

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The party found themselves at a magically locked door with no way around or through and decided to kick in some doors and slay some hobgoblins. Which the promptly did, despite doezens of the foul beasts attempting to waylay their brutal savagery. A portcullis provided some distraction, obstacle and eventual entertainment during a battle with a particularly tough Hobgoblin Warchief. But in the end Ravasys’ Unseen Servant managed to allow the party to progress by obtaining not only a key to the locked door, but a map of the entire second level of The Keep on the Shadowfell.

More hobgoblins decided to try and kill the adventurers and both Watcher and Splug fall victim to their wounds and fall unconcious, slipping slowly towards death. A pfairly ugly Warcaster managed to blast most of the part of their feet and strike them bloodied, but Ravasys manages to stay in cover behind a wall and crits twice in a row on a daily and encounter to help slay the evil mage. Which is when an arrow strikes out and takes Watcher in the throat, sending him once again into unconciousness. Luckily the archer is the last remaining foe and is quickly dispatched. The party takes a short breather and moves ever closer towards the evil Deathpriest, Kalarel and the Rift in the Shadowfell.

Damned Spiders...

When we last left our interpid adventurers…

Descending into the second level of the Keep on the Shadowfell, the party was met with a challenge by a group of hobgoblins. “Shadow meets shadow!” one called out, obviously demanding a passphrase of some form. “My shadow meets your shadow under the shadow’s shadow of Shadow!” Watcher called back rapidly (and stupidly.) “Intruders! Get them!” The hobgoblins respond and begin to attack the party.

Watcher bull rushes on of them, but the large brute holds his ground while his grunts make a break for another room… A room with a cage in it. A very large cage, with a very large spider inside. Fredrick blasts another hobgoblin into a deep well, causing the hobgoblin to plummet the three stories and take massive amounts of damage. More hobgoblins stream into the room and the grunt who made for the room manages to free the deathjump spider. It promptly scuttles across the room and tackles Watcher to the ground, inflicting poison damage on the poor Warforged. Luckily, the party is well experienced in battle and quickly obliterates the hobgoblins with the spider only causing minor difficulty. Upon searching the area they find a tiny amount of gold and realize that they have all gained enough XP to level up!


When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

They had infiltrated deep into the goblin’s main living quarters, sneaking into the main hallway and attacking the two guards on duty quickly, dispatching them swiftly and efficiently, leaving them unable to ring the warning bell. Splug managed to lead the party through the sleep area and storage rooms without any mishap, allowing the party to outright slay the goblins with little trouble.

They proceeded to the only place Captain Fredrick’s map said they hadn’t explored yet, and after a small debate between Fredrick and Lihi over the existence of an obviously triggered pit-trap, the group descended into the rotting darkness.

Ravasys cast a small light in her hand and Watcher lit up a sunrod to illuminate the depths, which is how Fredrick managed to spot the trigger runes on the floor before they were activated.

Running head starts allowed everyone to leap over the mysterious incriptions and follow Fredrick on his determined quest to find a secret door he was obsessed with. Luckily, he found his secret door. Unluckily he heard moans and shuffling behind him and turns to see a gang of hungry undead corpses shambling toward him… They grabbed him and slam him into Watcher, biting at the Sorceror’s throat. Quick thinking on Lihi’s part grant the party the advantage it needed in the fight when the Deva Cleric’s radiant damage obliterates the zombies with ease.

Ravasys attempted to leap over another rune, but flubs it and is sent running in terror by the throat-wrenching scream that follows, Watcher close behind her. Fredrick was completely unaffected by the trap and turned back to his secret door… Only to hear more moaning behind him. One zombie sat up… Then another sat up. Captain Fredrick let out a curse of annoyance when the zombies make another attempt to grab him and feast on his brains. Watcher and Lihi managed to arrive in time to blast the zombies once again into dust, and Fredrick gets his secret door open.

To find more zombies. They promptly shambled forward and grabbed the resolved-to-his-fate Sorceror. The undead dispatched, the party was confronted by an empty helmet and riddle. Watcher found the riddle easy and answered it with no difficulty, granting him a suit of scale armor.

Another fight through zombies found the party in a mausoleum, and surrounded by reanimated skeletons… A wave of them that just kept coming… And coming. They finally klled them all and Ravasys decided to kneel and pray to the Altars of Paladine, stopping any more from appearing and healing her fully.

A quick conversation with Sir Keegan, an eternally-bound tormented soul of the once-great general proved to be a turn of fate, giving the party that little boost they needed to press forward into the Keep on the Shadowfell.

Kruthiks, Goblins and Balgron, Oh my!

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The party, low on health and struggling to stay concious long enough to find a place to rest inside the harrowing dungeons of the Keep on the Shadowfell, stumble into a natural cave system inhabited by some not-so-friendly reptiles.

After Ravasys cast light to illuminate the otherwise pitch-black cavern, the party proceeded slowly deeper into the depths. They notice dozens of smaller tubes and holes branching off from the main path, but none are big enough for even Splug to fit through. They discover a death animal at the bottom of a pit-trap and Watcher recognizes it as a kruthik, a vicious reptile covered in scales and spines.

The party hears skittering deeper in the cave and through the smaller holes, and Watcher takes point, being the party’s only melee hero… He promptly falls into a pit trap and takes damage.

Ravasys casts light again to illuminate the room to help retrieve the Warforged from the pit but the illumination reveals a nest of Kruthik! Including a Hive Lord! They attack the party immediately with poison spines and furious hacking with their razor-sharp bodies.

Watcher spends the entirety of the fight in the hole, but does manage to give his party concealment from the Hive Lord’s poisonous spines. Unfortunately a kruthik goes into a fury and leaps upon him, tackling him into the pit and biting at him viciously. Splug, bolstered by Captain Fredrick’s encouragement attempts to distract the kruthik and flee, but falls unconcious and slowly begins to bleed out.

Ravasys unleashes wizard-hell upon the reptiles twice and sends them howling and spitting into their graves. Lihi quickly heals Splug, inches from death, gaining his undying loyalty despite her previous misgivings about him, and maybe her heart has warmed that little bit towards the goblin as well.

The party drops unceremoniously onto the kruthik’s pile of gold and falls asleep, leaving Watcher to keep an eye out for them (hence the name, touche.)

Upon rising a few hours later they leave the cave system and, thanks to a map recovered from a mercenary’s corpse by Captain Fredrick, discover a secret passageway that leads them directly to the goblin general’s personal quarters! They sneak into his rooms and Lihi and Ravasys cry havok and let slip unholy amounts of damage on the sleeping goblin, killing him before he has a chance to stir. Watcher and Captain Fredrick dispatch the lone warrior in the room as well, and the party takes a breath of relief at the fact that no other goblins were warned.

The Keep Level 1

The party enters the Keep and immediately falls into danger, literally for Lihi, who falls into a pit of rats while the rest get peppered from goblin crossbows.

Luckily they manage to fend off the attackers and begin their search of the keep. They find the prisoner ward and free Splug, a charismatic little goblin who promises to help them to the extent of his abilities as long as they don’t kill him. Captain Fredrick immediately trusts him, but Lihi is not so sure and keeps him on a leash and takes away his sword.

After a fight with more goblins in what appears to be an excavation site, Splug proves himself and helps the party free the Kobold women, who escape gladly and flee the keep.

The party descends deeper and stumbles across a deep pond within a cavern, they spy an island scattered with riches and attempt to use their magic to retrieve the goods, but they alert a beast of unknown terror: The Blue Slime! After a terrifying battle in which Splug proves himself again, Captain Fredrick, being the pack rat he is, (as well as reading a letter from mercenaries about the properties of some dangerous weapon that only requires water to activate) carefully captures some of the slime in a vial, where it immediately dries out into a solid.

But the adventure is not over! The chittering of rats grows louder and louder until it seems to fill the cavern….

Deeper Kobold Intentions

After adventuring into the forest and being attacked by Kobolds once again, the party finds the Kobold lair and attacks it. There, they meet a goblin named Irontooth who knocks Watcher unconcious. Luckily the party manages to kill the goblin and upon killing him, hear him chant the name of the God of Death, Chemosh. The Kobolds cower and cease fighting and, through interrogation (more like Ravasys’ kind words in Draconic,) the party finds out that the goblins have kidnapped the Kobold womenfolk and are holding them captive so the Kobolds will keep the roads clear. The party promises the Kobolds to help save their women.

They stumble upon an old Dragon Tomb behind the Kobold’s Lair and fight a Gnome named Agrid (and his cohorts) for it. The missing husband is found and freed, to which he speeds home to Winterhaven. The party, after doing a serach of the tomb discovers a few valuable things.

Upon returning to the city, the inhabitants look to the adventurers with new hope, and wave them off happily when they leave for the Old Keep, wary for it’s more sinister name: The Keep on the Shadowfell.


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