Gate to Eternity

The Kobolds

The Adventurers are ambushed by a group of kobolds while travelling on the King’s Road and, after a tough fight, they manage to kill the attackers. The party is regretting not having more melee-heros and having three clothies. Arriving in Winterhaven they discover that the kobolds havve been terrorizing the local roads for weeks and pick up a few quests to help the villagers. -Find the missing husband of a woman, who was last seen looking for treasure in the forest. -Investigate the Kobolds for the Mayor of Winterhaven -Investigate the rumors fo a Deathcult for Marla, the High Preistess of the Church of Pelor -Find a complete map of the Old Keep -Find artifacts or lineage proof for a family -Collect Kobold feet as revenge for an old farmer

They meet an elf in the inn who is standoffish and rude, partly because of Captain Frederick’s brusque and insulting behavior.


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