Orb of the Black Lotus


Property: This orb allows you to expend your magic into it’s depths, then let the Black Lotus charge it up and unleash it at a later time with greater force.

Enhancement: +6 on atk and dmg rolls.

Power: (Daily)
Free Action
Expend one Daily power, one Encounter power, and one At-Will power but do not roll an attack. Instead, note their damage types and damage power.

Power: (Daily)
Standard Action
Range: That of expended At-Will
Target: Any creature within that range
Hit: Damage roll of expended Daily and Encounter + 1d6 of types of expended At-Will, Daily and Encounter.
Miss: Damage of expended Daily + 1d6.

Special: This weapon may be used as an implement and adds it’s Enhancement bonus again when used in that way.


Orb of the Black Lotus

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