Nightbringer Mace


STR + 3 vs. AC

1d6 + 3 + STR
Crit: +1d6

Property: The Nightbringer Mace has a sentience of it’s own, and cannot be picked up by anyone except it’s rightful master. This weapon weighs next to nothing and always returns to it’s master’s hand, even when thrown. It also seeks to protect it’s master of it’s own volition.

Enhancement: +3 to Atk and Dmg rolls. When a melee attack is made against you, roll 1d6 + WIS and subtract it from the attack roll.

Power: Midnight(Encounter)
Free Action
When you hit with a melee attack with this mace you may speak the word “Midnight” and cause the target to fall blind until the end of the encounter or Fortitude save.

This weapon can be used as a holy symbol. It adds its enhancement bonus to atk and dmg rolls and its extra crit damage when used this way.


Nightbringer Mace

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