Stormblade's Legendary Greatsword

weapon (melee)

STR + 6 vs. AC

1d10 + 6 + STR
Crit: +6d6

Property: This weapon deals an extra 1d10 raidant damange when the power you use to make the attack has the radiant keyword. On a critical hit you can spend a healing surge.

Enhancement: When you hit on a melee attack with this weapon roll 1d4. On a 4 this weapon emits a large spray of blood that causes all enemies within 10 squares to grant combat advantage.

Power: (Daily)
Minor Action
You and each ally within 10 squares of you gain a +5 power bonus to FORT, REF, and WILL defenses until the end of your next turn.

This weapon can be used as a holy symbol. It adds its enhancement bonus to atk and dmg rolls and the extra damage granted by its propery when used in this manner.



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