Ravasys Khirgan

Half-Elf Wizard


Short for both a human and elf, she has nutmeg hair and deep brown eyes. Her ears are barely pointed and not very noticable. Constantly fidgets and plays with her hair and hands. Enjoys walking barefoot, anywhere and everywhere.

Excitable, Fun-loving, Insightful, Overzealous, Warm,


Born with an omen about being the heir of an old, forgotten god to an elven mother and human father, Ravasys’ father left her when he heard the prophecy and she grew up as a guest of the elven royal palace, her mother being a noble. She enrolled in the Academy as a scholar and has been searching for tales and signs of the god she is said to be an incarnation of.

Companions: Watcher – Introduced by Lihi when she entered their forest.. Lihi – Met when she heard tales of a forest spirit who could teach her about ancienct gods. Fredrick – Was studying with Lihi when he sought refuge in her wood.

Familiar: Bound Demon

Ravasys Khirgan

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