Deva Cleric of Pelor


Blue with white patterns and knee-length white hair kept in a braid, interwoven with colorful beads. Polished black leather robe, tight across the chest with voluminous sleeves and a deep hood; ornamtented with Pelor’s symbol and summer flowers. Eyes glow when angry, Obsessive about putting out campfires safely,

Distrusting of Outsiders, Agressive, Soft spot for Nature, Intolerable of disbelievers and heretics, Quick to anger,


Lihi was reincarnated in the midst of a lush forest and, having lived since the beginning of times, took this as a sign to worship Pelor, the goddess of wilderness. She became a cleric of no small power and took to defending the forest against many destructive intruders.

Companions: Watcher – Met defending her forest from outsiders after his own was destroyed. Ravasys – Met when she went in search of her diefic past and heard of a forest spirit who could help her. Fredrick – Granted him asylum from would-be killers when he was run out of his city.


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