Captain Fredrick

Human Sorceror


A human of middling build and average height, the only remarkable visible traits are his piercign teal eyes. Quick to jump into situations and conversations he isn’t included in. Is not afraid to make outrageous, occasionally embarassing statements to random strangers. Constantly reminds people of his military rank of “Captain” to stroke his own ego.

Egotistical, Aloof, Selfish, Loyal to his own cause,


When he was young he joined the militia and rose to the rank of Captain. He was taken in as an Acolyte of the great Sorcerer Samuel, the two were aloof and self-serving in the town of Baldur’s Gate. When Samuel died (Fredrick insists it was old-age but everyone knows how Sorcerer’s “inherit”) The town arose to the opportunity to steal powerful magical artifacts from the Sorcerer’s tower. Fearing for his life, Fredrick fled into the wilderness.

Companions: Ravasys – Met within Lihi’s wood while she was studying with the Deva cleric. Watcher – Encounterd upon his flight from the city, Watcher offered to hide him in the forest Lihi – Brought to her by Watcher and petitioned for her kindness to stay within her wood.

Captain Fredrick

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