Gate to Eternity

What is THAT

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The party had stumbled into blocked off corridors and ignored caution signs to run headlong into a confrontation with THE GELATINOUS CUBE! After dispensing of two very smelly corruption corpses, the adventurers turn their main focus on the large, translucent cube, which, unfortunately for them, if both very strong and very hungry. After engulfing over half the party and slowly digesting them, Lihi unleashes some super-deva-cleric-sayan from INSIDE the jell-o of the cube’s body and blasts it’s mass into gooey jelly all over the walls.

Proceeding to the next room of the Keep the party finds nothing suspicious, until they’re all knocked onto their butts by a swing of a massive statue. Captain Fredrick makes a daring leap and scales the statue and begins beating on it with his staff while Splug locates an access panel and the rest of the party attempt to disable the deadly device. They succeed and Watcher and Ravasys stumble into another trap, this one a strong whirlpool which hurls them about and knocks them around. Watcher attempts to disable the traps but, despite interference in the form of large fireballs from other traps, Splug, Lihi and Fredrick manage to destroy two of the statues from outside and the trap collapses. Despite Captain Fredrick’s wishes to obliterate the rest of the statues in the room, the party gets a quick heal from the cleric and speeds out of the room as fast as their little legs can take them.

Unfortunately, as soon as they step through the next door, wretched, unholy moans emit from the darkness… shuffling closer…



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