Gate to Eternity

The Rift

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

They scaled down the bloody chains, (or in the case of Lihi, fell) and confronted Kalarel himself!

The battle turned vicious as Kalarel made jibes and threw magicks at the party from afar, and an undead wight became a particularly nasty problem until it was vanquished. Watcher managed to charge Kalarel’s altar but the deathpriest teleported away in time to avoid damage. The Keep’s rumblings grow stronger and stronger and eventually unholy energies coalesce in the Keep and lash out, dealing damage to the party and increasinge the tremors! All movement is reduced to half and Kalarel makes the fight interesting by summoning a horde of zombies to mob the adventurers!

Splug is drawn towards the portal itself and the black entity on the other side reaches out and slams him into the ground, Watcher attempts to reach Kalarel but is also hit by the trap. All looks lost for the party, until a spear flies from the darkness and takes a zombie out… Then another spear, and another! Kobolds slide down the chains and into the pit, screaming draconic war cries at the deathpriest and striking out at his zombies. Captain Fredrick asks why they came to help and gets a response along the lines of “you help our wives, we help you.”

Kalarel stumbles to his knees as the party takes blow after blow against him. Watcher plunges his longsword into Kalarel’s chest and…

Lihi and Watcher both have to leave for dinner… So the entire party hesitates at a crucial moment, and they are sucked into the pit and die. The end… lol j/k maybe not.



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