Gate to Eternity

The Keep Level 1

The party enters the Keep and immediately falls into danger, literally for Lihi, who falls into a pit of rats while the rest get peppered from goblin crossbows.

Luckily they manage to fend off the attackers and begin their search of the keep. They find the prisoner ward and free Splug, a charismatic little goblin who promises to help them to the extent of his abilities as long as they don’t kill him. Captain Fredrick immediately trusts him, but Lihi is not so sure and keeps him on a leash and takes away his sword.

After a fight with more goblins in what appears to be an excavation site, Splug proves himself and helps the party free the Kobold women, who escape gladly and flee the keep.

The party descends deeper and stumbles across a deep pond within a cavern, they spy an island scattered with riches and attempt to use their magic to retrieve the goods, but they alert a beast of unknown terror: The Blue Slime! After a terrifying battle in which Splug proves himself again, Captain Fredrick, being the pack rat he is, (as well as reading a letter from mercenaries about the properties of some dangerous weapon that only requires water to activate) carefully captures some of the slime in a vial, where it immediately dries out into a solid.

But the adventure is not over! The chittering of rats grows louder and louder until it seems to fill the cavern….



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