Gate to Eternity

More Hobgoblins, Great

When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The party found themselves at a magically locked door with no way around or through and decided to kick in some doors and slay some hobgoblins. Which the promptly did, despite doezens of the foul beasts attempting to waylay their brutal savagery. A portcullis provided some distraction, obstacle and eventual entertainment during a battle with a particularly tough Hobgoblin Warchief. But in the end Ravasys’ Unseen Servant managed to allow the party to progress by obtaining not only a key to the locked door, but a map of the entire second level of The Keep on the Shadowfell.

More hobgoblins decided to try and kill the adventurers and both Watcher and Splug fall victim to their wounds and fall unconcious, slipping slowly towards death. A pfairly ugly Warcaster managed to blast most of the part of their feet and strike them bloodied, but Ravasys manages to stay in cover behind a wall and crits twice in a row on a daily and encounter to help slay the evil mage. Which is when an arrow strikes out and takes Watcher in the throat, sending him once again into unconciousness. Luckily the archer is the last remaining foe and is quickly dispatched. The party takes a short breather and moves ever closer towards the evil Deathpriest, Kalarel and the Rift in the Shadowfell.



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