Gate to Eternity

Into the Shadow

When we last left our interpid adventurers…

They were immediately mobbed by a horde of shambling undead, including a very vicious ghoul. Luckily, Lihi’s radiant damage comes in handy once again and the party only suffers minor hurts in the encounter, though a clay demon manages to escape deeper into the Keep. They scramble through a small hidden tunnel to discover some fairly decent loot and decide to take an extended rest.

Watcher, luckily a Warforged doesn’t need sleep and is aware of steps, shuffling and sounds coming from the tunnel. He wakes the party just as they are ambushed by the clay demon and a reinforcement host of zombies sent by Kalarel! They play it cool, however and let the zombies’ mindless hunger drive them to crawl through the hole one by one, where they can easily be beheaded in a managable way. Amid the stench of rotting bodies the party finally finds sleep and takes their extended rest.

Descending into the Cathedral of Shadow, Fredrick finds trouble after kicking open a door and rushing an evil chanting Underpriest when he finds that none of his teammates have followed to back him up. Splug is immediately attacked by human beserkers and Lihi is mobbed by a mass of vampires, only barely managing to survive and escape as Watcher steps up and shatters their wan bodies into dust. Ravasys and Fredrick make quick work of the Underpriest as the Dark Creeper continues to give Watcher and Splug trouble, but after Fredrick falls unconcious the party rallies and pulls together, handily decimating the remaining foes.



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