Gate to Eternity


When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

The final blow is struck against Kalarel, Deathpriest of Chemosh. As the unholy priest coughs his dying breath he curses the party, swearing oaths across the line of death to gain revenge on the party. The blackness int he portal lashes forward and sucks the dying priest into it’s depths, rippling and pulsating with an unholy energy.

The party acts quickly and attempts to close the portal to the Shadowfell, throwing holy and wild magics alike at the trembling threshold. It collapses violently, leaving behind just an empty doorway to nothingness. The emptiness surges suddenly and a froce of gravity stronger than anything sucks the party into the vast eternity.

Sucked beyond time and space and recognition their minds are expanded while their bodies are crushed. Their conciousnesses span the great void between and beyond planes of existence, they expand to fill the tiniest atoms to the vastest galaxies. As suddenly as they embrace the concept of Infinity, their minds collapse and they are flung back into the world, their entire memories draining the knowledge like leaking sieves until only one thought remains in their mind: Infinity.

Stumbling and unable to think straight after their trip across time and space, the party barely manages to make it out of the Keep on the Shadowfell before it collapses. They return to Winterhaven to much fanfare, and a suspicious look of disgust on Ninaren’s face.

She attacks them later that evening and all looks lost until two men intervene and drive her away.The two, Paladin named Zacharius and a Rogue Eladrin named Celidras. The two men explain to them that they were sent by the Gods of good to seek out a group of adventurers who, just that day, touched the face of eternity and felt godhood. Zacharius gives them each a shard of Infinitum, pieces of the High God and Order, the exact opposite of the Graygem, the essence of Chaos.
He guides the party in channelling The Flux and jumping to the plane of Krynn where he arranges rooms for them at the Inn of the Last Home. He promises a busy day tomorrow and begs them to get plenty of sleep.



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