Gate to Eternity

Deeper Kobold Intentions

After adventuring into the forest and being attacked by Kobolds once again, the party finds the Kobold lair and attacks it. There, they meet a goblin named Irontooth who knocks Watcher unconcious. Luckily the party manages to kill the goblin and upon killing him, hear him chant the name of the God of Death, Chemosh. The Kobolds cower and cease fighting and, through interrogation (more like Ravasys’ kind words in Draconic,) the party finds out that the goblins have kidnapped the Kobold womenfolk and are holding them captive so the Kobolds will keep the roads clear. The party promises the Kobolds to help save their women.

They stumble upon an old Dragon Tomb behind the Kobold’s Lair and fight a Gnome named Agrid (and his cohorts) for it. The missing husband is found and freed, to which he speeds home to Winterhaven. The party, after doing a serach of the tomb discovers a few valuable things.

Upon returning to the city, the inhabitants look to the adventurers with new hope, and wave them off happily when they leave for the Old Keep, wary for it’s more sinister name: The Keep on the Shadowfell.



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