Gate to Eternity


When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

They had infiltrated deep into the goblin’s main living quarters, sneaking into the main hallway and attacking the two guards on duty quickly, dispatching them swiftly and efficiently, leaving them unable to ring the warning bell. Splug managed to lead the party through the sleep area and storage rooms without any mishap, allowing the party to outright slay the goblins with little trouble.

They proceeded to the only place Captain Fredrick’s map said they hadn’t explored yet, and after a small debate between Fredrick and Lihi over the existence of an obviously triggered pit-trap, the group descended into the rotting darkness.

Ravasys cast a small light in her hand and Watcher lit up a sunrod to illuminate the depths, which is how Fredrick managed to spot the trigger runes on the floor before they were activated.

Running head starts allowed everyone to leap over the mysterious incriptions and follow Fredrick on his determined quest to find a secret door he was obsessed with. Luckily, he found his secret door. Unluckily he heard moans and shuffling behind him and turns to see a gang of hungry undead corpses shambling toward him… They grabbed him and slam him into Watcher, biting at the Sorceror’s throat. Quick thinking on Lihi’s part grant the party the advantage it needed in the fight when the Deva Cleric’s radiant damage obliterates the zombies with ease.

Ravasys attempted to leap over another rune, but flubs it and is sent running in terror by the throat-wrenching scream that follows, Watcher close behind her. Fredrick was completely unaffected by the trap and turned back to his secret door… Only to hear more moaning behind him. One zombie sat up… Then another sat up. Captain Fredrick let out a curse of annoyance when the zombies make another attempt to grab him and feast on his brains. Watcher and Lihi managed to arrive in time to blast the zombies once again into dust, and Fredrick gets his secret door open.

To find more zombies. They promptly shambled forward and grabbed the resolved-to-his-fate Sorceror. The undead dispatched, the party was confronted by an empty helmet and riddle. Watcher found the riddle easy and answered it with no difficulty, granting him a suit of scale armor.

Another fight through zombies found the party in a mausoleum, and surrounded by reanimated skeletons… A wave of them that just kept coming… And coming. They finally klled them all and Ravasys decided to kneel and pray to the Altars of Paladine, stopping any more from appearing and healing her fully.

A quick conversation with Sir Keegan, an eternally-bound tormented soul of the once-great general proved to be a turn of fate, giving the party that little boost they needed to press forward into the Keep on the Shadowfell.



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