Takhisis and the gods of evil have collected their power and turned it against the universe itself. Every plane of exsistence ripples and shudders under the strain. From Krynn to the Abyss and everything inbetween, reality is torn asunder and the laws of nature shred to pieces.

In an attempt to close an evil portal to the Shadowfell, a group of adventurers from the Forgotten Realms of Abeir-Toril are sucked into the struggle between the gods and reality. In their brief time outside of their own plane, they were exposed to the aether-twisting properties of what is known to scholars as “The Flux.” Exposure to The Flux has been known to cause dramatic changes in the mortal races, but most commonly, allows them to traverse the planes of reality, to travel the multiverse, to exist within the vastness of Eternity itself. But Eternity and The Flux have their own plans for this group of adventurers.

Now, with the power of the universe itself pulling them from realm to realm, the adventurers meet with a knight, a dragon, and an elf who will both guide them and require their help as the party is drawn into a battle that wages across the expanse of both space and time.

Gate to Eternity

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